The First Lutheran Church (FLC) Quilters meet twice a month (the 2nd and 4th Mondays).  At each meeting they lay the quilt tops that have sewn in between meetings and the batting & quilt bottoms that have been placed on raised tables (two tables pushed together).

Once the quilt pieces are arranged correctly, they tie all the pieces together with yarn and pin the rolled edges together so that Sandy can finish them using her sewing machine.  If you think it sounds like it seems simple, you’re right – it is.  It’s just a significant amount of work to turn out as many as they do in a year.

The FLC quilts go to support both local and global missions including Lutheran World Relief who sent out 346,170 quilts made in U.S. congregations in 2016.   If you would like to enjoy good fellowship while doing good, please join them even if you can’t do so regularly.

You can see their good works displayed on the backs of the pews in the following photo that was taken at the anniversary celebration.

150 Years