Altar Committee

January Deanna Swenseid 478-4192
February Sharon Kotts 478-2748
March Jeff & Jami Nelson 478-3362
April Jeff & Jami Nelson 478-3362
May Pat Heggen & Whitney Weisenberger 478-3654
June Nona Carl 478-3562
July Nona Carl 478-3562
August Jane Smidt 478-2456
September Chrissy Nelson & Paige Halfmann 320-905-3103
October Deanna Swenseid 478-4192
November Ellen Anton 478-2759
December Brian & Jean Hendricks 478-3072


  • Prepare communion trays each month. Please take note of the change to include gluten-free wafers on each tray. Contact a council member for the church code.
  • Extra supplies are in the secretary’s office (wine, wafers, cups, juice)
  • Change paraments as needed. Pastor has posted a schedule of dates and coordinating paraments.
  • Wash linens and acolyte robes when necessary.
  • Fill candles, including the large paschal candle. Check these more often when there is a funeral or extra church services. Please note the change about using some of the new liquid wax with the old each time. *Mark your name & date on the CANDLES SHEET.
  • REMEMBER the cleanup after the church service.


Thank you for serving FLC in this manner.  Your time is much appreciated. If you need a substitute, please call someone on the list or Jami Nelson.